Collection: New Arrivals

Nab yourself the absolute latest before it all sells out! We are dropping new collections and new items practically weekly so get in quick and pick up the latest dresses, tops, bottoms and accessories before everyone else does or worse, before they sell out! Regardless of the occasion, we'll have something for you!
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  • Avery Dress - LILAC
  • Roze Linen Dress - BLACK
  • Roze Linen Dress - WHITE
  • Roze Linen Dress - FLAME
  • Ivory Set - BLACK
  • Ivory Set - KAHKI
  • Ivory Set - CHAMPAGNE
  • Rock Lilly Lace Dress - BLUE
  • Rock Lilly Lace Dress - BLACK
  • Rock Lilly Lace Dress - WHITE
  • Cella Dress- MAUVE
  • Cella Dress- OLIVE